Safety and Security

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Carrollton City Schools puts safety first and foremost. Students can’t learn, and teachers can’t teach, unless the school is safe and welcoming. We are committed to ensuring this is the environment our district provides at all times.

Our safety philosophy follows a balanced, rational approach, yet is comprehensive in scope and implementation. Each school has its own safety plan, customized for the specific location, and is reviewed and revised on a regular basis. Teachers and staff at all schools are trained to handle day-to-day minor emergencies as well as crisis situations.

The school system is fortunate to have wonderful working relationships with the Carrollton Police Department and the Carroll County Emergency Management Agency. Both provide vital training, education and support.

Safety also includes keen attention to student discipline with plans in place to encourage positive student behavior while at the same time, dealing seriously with inappropriate behaviors and activities that may be a threat to the overall climate of the school.

Carrollton City Schools makes every effort to ensure our schools are places of comfort and security. After all, that’s when real learning takes place.