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Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)
The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) Tools embed literacy standards into content area instruction. They provide teachers with templates, strategies, and quick access to articles for designing literacy-intensive units. By asking students to engage in the reading writing and thinking of the discipline, students investigate content through relevant projects and tasks.

Georgia Literacy Wiki
Strategies to help students with critical aspects of learning: engaging in a task, understanding a prompt, active reading and note-taking, transitioning to writing, and writing.

GALILEO (General Use)
GALILEO (Grades K-5)
GALILEO (Grades 6-8)
GALILEO (Grades 9-12)
Please refer to professional learning tab for links on how to utilize this tool easily and effectively.

ProQuest SIRS Discoverer
Please refer to professional learning tab for links on how to utilize this tool easily and effectively.

Screencasts of CCGPS lessons for literacy. While labeled ELA, they are perfect for reading and writing in content classes.

The Teaching Channel
Site with high quality videos of model lessons, research-based strategies, and analysis of great teaching.

All About Student Literacy
Strategies and ideas for teaching students skills for reading and writing across content areas.

“Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle.”

New York Times Learning Network
Lesson plans for using current and past New York Times articles in the classroom. Teachers can also search for past lessons and topics. Monday – What’s Going On in This Picture? A new feature about visual literacy, critical thinking, and Times photo journalism. Tuesday – History and social studies. Wednesday – Science and health. Thursday – English language arts and fine arts. Friday – Quick interdisciplinary tasks to help students practice critical thinking skills.

Specific Content Area: History/Social Studies
Docs Teach
Ready-to-use tools for teaching documents in the classroom and thousands of primary source documents selected from the national archives.

Read Like a Historian
Lesson plans developed by Stanford University Professors on how to approach historical primary and secondary sources from as professional historians do.

Specific Content Area: Science and Technical Subjects

Literacy in CTAE
Lesson plans and videos to help incorporate reading and writing instruction into CTAE.

The Natural Inquirer
The Natural Inquirer is a FREE middle school science education journal that contains real research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service.

Science News For Kids
The name says it all, “Science News for Kids.” You can save and download articles as PDF files!

BBC News: Science and Environment
Current science news articles that are short in length, but high in quality.

Discovery Science
Part of the CCGPS Science Literacy Standards requires students to compare information from different resources, including videos. Discovery has wonderful, up-to-date science videos.

Current articles, blog posts, videos, webinars and lessons from NASA.

Science Daily
An aggregator of science research, updated daily.

Earth Observatory
Articles, blogs, videos, and photographs about the planet Earth

E! Science News
Popular Science news articles.